Determining if you Qualify

​​Determining if you qualify for subsidized housing through one of HACCC’s many housing programs is fairly simple. The biggest factor involves household income, but we also consider whether you qualify as a family, a senior, or a person with an applicable disability. At least one family member must be a citizen, national, or non-citizen with eligible immigration status in order for the family to qualify for any level of assistance. The chart below lists the income levels based on household size.

Income Limits Summary
NOTE: HUD generally uses the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) area definitions in the calculation of income limit program parameters, However, to ensure that program parameters do not vary significantly due to area definition changes, HUD has used custom geographic definitions for the Oakland-Fremont, CA HUD Metro FMR Area.The Oakland-Fremont, CA HUD Metro FMR Area​ ​contains the following areas: Alameda County, CA; and Contra Costa County, CA.

* The FY 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act changed the definition of extremely low-income to be the greater of 30/50ths (60 percent) of the Section 8 very low-income limit or the poverty guideline as established by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), provided that this amount is not greater than the Section 8 50% very low-income limit. Consequently, the extremely low income limits may equal the very low (50%) income limits.

Applying for Housing

During the formal application stage,​ applicants will be required to present documents that verify​ income, self-declared preferences, household composition, and will also be required to submit to a criminal background screening.

The Housing Authority of the County of Contra Costa accepts pre-applications online when we anticipate housing becoming available within a few months. The families and individuals who have submitted pre-applications are placed on a waiting list that was created through a lottery process. When housing is available, potential residents will be invited to complete the formal application process, and may be offered a home at that time.

After you’ve been determined eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher, you will be given information on searching for a qualifying unit. If you’ve applied for a Project Based development and were later determined eligible, you will not need to search for a qualifying unit. The Project Based Voucher program helps pay a portion of the rent, but only in specific privately owned buildings or units.

​​​If you have already applied and wish to update your contact information or check your status, check the Applicant Portal.

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