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The Purchasing Department is committed to supporting the public service mission of the Housing Authority of the County of Contra Costa through fulfillment of its departmental mission and values.

Our Mission

  • Develop and maintain a purchasing system that empowers our customers to make good business decisions and to pursue excellence while maintaining good internal controls to insure public accountability, compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and the responsible stewardship of the agency’s resources.
  • This will be achieved by developing and utilizing financial systems that allow efficient transaction processing and accountability through documentation, approvals and reporting.
  • High quality training programs and easily accessible purchasing information.
  • Actively promote competition and open access to the vendor community county-wide or State wide.
  • Promote competitive and strategic supplier relationships that leverage the agency’s purchasing power.

Our Values

  • We will pursue excellence in all that we do.
  • We will be accountable as individuals and as a department for the services we provide and will strive to meet the needs of our internal and external customers at all times.
  • We will listen to and respect the needs of our internal and external customers. We will seek their input and work to develop strong mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • We will strive to be flexible in order to meet the needs of our customers within the parameters established by our policies and procedures.
  • We will constantly monitor changes in technology and best business practices and work to integrate those we feel will benefit our customers into our policies, procedures and systems.
  • We will promote competition. We will promote vendor access. We will document all that we do. We will operate in a transparent manner to the greatest extent allowed by law.
  • We will recognize and respect that vendors are in business to seek profits. We will accept our responsibility to seek savings as aggressively as vendors seek profits. We will work to achieve fair and mutually beneficial outcomes in all transactions and strategic business relationships.
  • We will constantly work to improve our department and ourselves as individual procurement professionals by seeking out training and collaboration opportunities.

Notice to Contractors

All contractors must first register using the internet E-Procurement System to gain free access to review and submit pricing for any HACCC bid solicitation. The E-Procurement Marketplace is the only official and appropriate venue to obtain bid documents for HACCC projects. Bid prices for all projects will only be accepted online through the E-Procurement System.


Click the button below to register to use our internet E-Procurement System to gain free access to review and submit pricing for future bid solicitations.

For solicitations prior to December 2021, please contact us.

All solicitations are posted on our website at and on our internet e-Procurement System at ha.economicengine. In order to review and submit proposal pricing for our solicitations, you must first register for free access to review and submit pricing for HACCC solicitations at (HACCC Company ID: 11057.) If you have any problems registering or using the internet e-Procurement System, contact the site administrator at 1-859-335-5306 or via email at

Bidders must submit proposed pricing where provided on our internet eProcurement System website for any and all of our solicitations. The Housing Authority of Contra Costa County (HACCC) will accept the proposed pricing via our internet eProcurement system only! HACCC WILL NOT accept proposed pricing verbally, by mail, telephone or fax! Any questions contact Cynthia E. Simpson, Director of General Services, Purchasing Agent (PA) at (925) 957-8040.

HACCC CONTACT: All questions pertaining to our solicitations shall be addressed via the eProcurement website ( Once a question is posted, a response will be sent in the form of a numbered addendum for all bidders to review.

Housing Authority Contra Costa County (HACCC)
3133 Estudillo Street
P.O. Box 2759
Martinez, CA 94553

Julian Ignacio, Interim Purchasing Agent

working together to create AFFORDABLE HOUSING solutions

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