Rental Property Owners

Get these benefits and more when you join the thousands of rental property owners and managers who are participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Guaranteed Rent Payments
We guarantee we'll pay our portion of the rent on time every month directly to you. And because the tenant's portion of the rent is based on the tenant's income and is always affordable (we make adjustments for temporary hardships like the loss of a job), the tenant is more likely to pay the rent on time.

Free Advertising!
We'll advertise your units free of charge to families on our program who are looking for a place to live.

Choose Your Own Tenants
Select and screen your Housing Choice Voucher tenant the same way you select any other tenant.

Free Inspections
In addition to the inspections you already conduct at your rental property, we'll send a trained inspector out to the unit each year who will check for safety hazards. We may also alert you to preventative maintenance issues, thereby reducing the chance of major repairs down the road. And the inspections are free!

Easy Paperwork
We only ask you to fill out a few simple forms once you have chosen a tenant and conclude the transaction by signing a contract to protect our individual and mutual interests.

Flexible Lease Term
Want a six-month or a one-year lease? Maybe month-to-month after that? The choice is yours, as long as you follow your customary leasing practices.

Annual Rent Increases
After the initial lease term, you are free to raise your tenant's rent as long as it is not more that what you would charge other tenants and is comparable to other similar unit rents in the neighborhood. We'll even check comparable rates for you.

Rent Payment to You
Qualified tenants pay a percentage of their income toward rent. The Housing Authority pays the difference between that amount and what you charge for rent - all directly to you.

You sign a contract with the Housing Authority and a Lease with the tenant. Your relationship with the tenant is virtually like that on the open market.