Housing Maintenance Questions FAQ’s

How do I put in a maintenance work order?

You may contact your site office and speak to any HACCC employee to place a work order. You may also stop
by the site office and place the work order in person during normal business hours. You are also welcome to
submit your requests in writing, or by mail. You should provide the following information to the office when
you report a work order:
• Your name, address and phone number
• A detailed description of the issue or problem in your unit
• Whether or not maintenance can enter your unit without you being present
• If you have any pets

How long will it take to have my work order resolved?

Work orders are processed in the order that they are received, but they are also evaluated based on their
potential safety impact. For issues that may threaten the safety or security of our residents, those work orders
are given top priority and will be resolved within 24 hours, or shorter, of the request date. These are classified
as Emergency work orders and can include things such as:
• Failed, failing, or malfunctioning smoke detectors.
• Lack of running water
• Broken exterior doors that prevent the unit from being secured.
• Gas leaks

The Housing Authority is allowed up to 21 days to complete all nonemergency work orders, however, our maintenance
staff are often able to complete them sooner.

After Hour Issues and Concerns

The Housing Authority provides its resident with an after-hour telephone number which may be called after the
site offices have closed for the day, and on the weekends. That number is (925) 930-3137 and it is connected to
a call center that will contact the appropriate t staff in the event of an after-hour issue or concern, such as an
emergency maintenance issue or if there is a notable event happening on the property (a fire, police presence,
etc.). In the event of a police, fire, or medical emergency, residents should call 911 first to report the

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