Family Self-Sufficiency

Family Self-Sufficiency is a voluntary program for Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 participants interested in becoming independent of public assistance. 

Tenants work in partnership with the Housing Services Team to:

  • Create a new direction for themselves and their families
  • Develop a self-sufficiency plan to achieve specific goals and objectives
  • Secure resources and supportive services
  • Begin escrow account when family earnings increase
  • FSS offers support to make the transition to self-sufficiency possible
  • FSS participants are given a realistic timeline (5 years) in which to become self-sufficient.
  • FSS addresses barriers to achievement.
  • FSS participants receive education, employment, financial, and life management skills.

Hard Work Rewarded

FSS participants have a unique opportunity to build a savings account. As a result of increased, earned income; a participant's share of the rent increases. When this takes place, the Housing Authority's portion of rent decreases. A portion of this decrease is placed in an interest bearing escrow account. When the client graduates from the FSS program, the escrow account funds they have earned are made available to them. Many choose to use this escrow account for a down payment on a home.

Support Services
  • Child Care Referrals
  • Education
  • Job Seeking and Job Retention Skills
  • Money Management
  • Life Management Skills
  • Home Buyer Education
  • Transportation Resources
  • Education Career Counseling Communication Skills
  • Parenting Skills


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