Allegation Form

Name of Family in Question
Address of Family
Type of Complaint

Unauthorized Individuals (Complete Section A)
Unreported Income (Complete Section B)
Drug Related Activity (Complete Section C)
Violent Criminal Activity (Complete Section C)
Family not living in unit (Complete Section D)
Other, please specify:


SECTION A - Unauthorized Individuals
1. Name of unauthorized individual living in home?
2. How long has unauthorized individual lived in the unit?
3. What is the relation between unauthorized individual and participant?
4. Does the unauthorized individual receive mail at the unit?
5. Does the unauthorized individual pay for any utilities at the unit?
6. Does the unauthorized individual own or have a car?
7. License Plate Number:
8. Is the unauthorized individual employed?
9. If so, where?
SECTION B - Unreported Income

1. What source of income is the individual earning?

2. Does individual/family receive TANF(AFDC)?
3. Other information:
SECTION C - Drug Related Activity and Violent Criminal Activity
1. Date of the Occurrence:
2. Was the family directly involved?
3. If no, who in the household was involved?
4. Were the police called to the occurrence or involved?
5. If yes, name of agency and name of police officer:
6. Events that occurred:
Section D - Participant not Living in Unit
1. When did the family move out of the unit?
2. Is the unit occupied? If yes, who is currently living in the unit?
How was this information obtained?

Your name and phone number, if we need to reach you for further information:

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